10 game ideas for your baby shower

10 game ideas for your baby shower

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The baby shower, a fashion phenomenon and a festive moment between friends before the arrival of baby. In the program "regressive" recipes to return to childhood, a tender decor around babies ... but also games to share. We give you ideas!

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10 game ideas for your baby shower (10 pics)

1. The right measure

It's a classic baby shower! Guess the waistline of the future mother. Each participant to cut a yarn or ribbon that she believes correspond to the waist of the queen of the party. One winds his thread around the waist and the one that comes closest to reality wins a small gift (or a new cookie).

2. No "big" word!

Variation of the "no yes or no", the game is for each participant to talk about babies and his life as a mother without pronouncing forbidden words such as "diaper", "bottle", "pacifier", "slippers" or even " baby "to do more difficult. The word has been pronounced? Lost ... a pledge is needed. And during a baby shower, it is often a gourmet pledge. Who will have to swallow two nice cookies?

3. Who is this baby photo?

The aim of the game ? Each guest must bring a picture of her baby and not show it to others. The photos are placed in a box and at the time of the game, the participants have to guess who each photo corresponds to. Guaranteed laughs!

4. Guess how much?

How many nipples, safety pins or candies for a greedy version ... We place the objects in a jar and each one must try to guess the exact number.

5. What is this taste?

Another great classic, take turns to taste baby jars that have been removed and try to find the taste. Apple banana, veal-leek ... the grimaces may well cause some laughter.

6. Without hands!

Address Contest ... that can stain. Just fill bottles with fruit juice or other drink of your choice and drink the bib '... without hands.

7. What's in it?

Gifts for the baby are required during a baby shower! Before opening her packages, she must try to guess what is hidden there. Clothing ? Toy? Decorative object? When she gives a wrong answer, she has a pledge and has to sing a baby lullaby or talk like a baby for 3 minutes.

8. Bravo the artists!

What if all the participants made a common artwork for the baby? A pretty picture with glitter, images, quotes ... or the realization of an original body with textile felts. You can also organize a salt dough workshop and make small figurines for the future nursery decor.

9. Have you got your babies?

B as a bottle, T as a pacifier, C as a diaper, V as a vaccine ... for each letter of the alphabet, it is necessary to find the maximum of words related to babies.

10. Are we betting?

Sex of the baby if it is not yet known, first name, height and weight of birth, time of the birth ... each of the guests must note on a sheet its predictions. We put in an envelope with a coin or a ticket and the pot will be won after birth by the one with the most correct answers.