10 ways to be a super mom

10 ways to be a super mom

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Being a super mom, we all dream of it! And we are, each in our own way. Because each has its recipes, its sensitivity and especially its history. But as doubt always invades us, here are 10 points to check that everything is fine. Warning: we do not have to tick all the boxes!

1. I have a super-network

  • Some live close to their mother's arch-available for children, others know their city on the fingertip ... What is the trick of these mothers jovial and relaxed? A network that allows them to free time: they take advantage of nursery parties, meetings of parents of pupils, chatter in the square to know other families.
  • To set up a foolproof organization of services between moms ... Or join a community of parents, that of for example ... At the same time clever and nice!

2. I'm decelerating

  • "Take time for you" ... that, we have not finished hearing it! But sometimes we are so tired that we do not even have the energy to devote ourselves to what we used to enjoy: cinema, shopping, swimming ... No need to fuss!
  • Relaxing is not necessarily doing something. The brain needs to disconnect regularly to recharge its batteries! Sit comfortably and let his mind wander by diving into us, and avoiding being overwhelmed by emergencies, the dishwasher to empty, the sport that should take again ... that's good.
  • Especially after a break, we are more efficient and available. So, do not hesitate, let go.

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