To give birth in a birth house is possible?

To give birth in a birth house is possible?

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You would like your pregnancy to be safe, but also less medical than in most large maternity hospitals. There are some structures in Canada, in Belgium, in the Nordic countries, birthing centers, offering this alternative. What about France?

A birth house, what is it?

  • The birth house offers a personalized follow-up of the future mother.
  • She is the same midwife who takes care of the pregnancy, the delivery and the postnatal follow-up of the mother and the child. Midwives - in the absence of complications - have the medical skills to support new and old mothers before, during and after childbirth.
  • Generally, a birth house poses some admission requirements : only women with a low-risk pregnancy are admitted. They must have no pathology, no proven risk, which may put their health or that of the child at risk.
  • Every birth house, however, must be able to organize quickly the transfer of the mother and the newborn to a large hospital, in case of medical emergency.
  • In different countries (Canada, Belgium, Scandinavia ...), birthing centers are quite widespread. In France, they do not exist in this form. The bill in favor of their experimentation was adopted by the National Assembly. This experiment will start in 2015.
  • Three structures, however, already offer support that is close to that practiced abroad : the birth house of the association CALM (Comme à la maison) in Paris, that of the Hospital of Pontoise (Val d'Oise) and that of the Remiremont Hospital (Vosges).
  • The care, monitoring of pregnancy and childbirth are similar to the foreign modelbut these structures are distinguished by the rigorous constraint, for security reasons, of being attached to a traditional motherhood. To favor the emergency transfer of the mother and the child, there must not be more than one door, an elevator, a floor to be crossed between the "birth house" and the "maternity".
  • In one of these three establishments, you will be able during all the duration of your work, cocooner in intimacy with the future dad in a room with the cordial and peaceful decoration. But to give birth you will be systematically transferred to the technical platform of the maternity partner, even if everything happens as naturally as possible.
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