He falls asleep before dinner

He falls asleep before dinner

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Since returning to nursery or kindergarten, your child has trouble finding his rhythm. Shifted, he takes a nose before dinner. How to help him set the record straight?

The problem

Since the beginning of the school year, your child no longer hesitates to spin in bed. Too tired to wait for the bath and dinner, he falls asleep before the hour, without even claiming that you read him a story!

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. In the evening, at home, he is a bit grumpy and plays less than usual. In general, you find that it lacks a little tone and spirit.
  • You. You already anguished a little in this period of re-entry ... this big blow of the pump completes to make you doubt. And if he was still too small for school?

He spends a lot of energy

Your child has just returned from school. And it's not easy! The noise, the twenty friends around him and all the activities of the day require a good dose of energy. If this is his first comeback, he must also deal with many new emotions. Exciting, but exhausting!

  • What has to be done. If your child falls asleep earlier than usual without waking up at dawn, he or she needs more sleep to compensate for this extra activity. Try to advance bath time and dinner and, if possible, schedule regularly, even during the weekend.
  • What to tell him. "You do so many new things in the day, you need to sleep more to learn well."

His nap is disturbed

At his age, your child still needs a real nap to be in shape. But now, he must do it with other little sleepers, far from the reassuring landmarks of the house. In these conditions, he may have trouble getting to sleep. And, if he misses his cycle of the afternoon, it is normal that he catches up in the early evening.

  • What has to be done. Ask the teacher whether your child sleeps well at school and for how long. If the problem persists, why not, as far as possible, resume temporarily at home at noon, or even afternoon, so that it takes a real nap?
  • What to tell him. "I can ask the nap lady that she stays a little next to you to help you fall asleep."

He is stressed

The fatigue of your schoolboy can also be a sign of anxiety, especially if he seems a little less cheerful and he eats less well than usual. Back to school is not an easy time to manage. He may need you to reassure him.

  • What has to be done. Evoke with him your own school memories and promote his benchmarks at home. This is not the time to change the babysitter or revisit the decor of his room! At home, let him also blow without overloading activities.
  • What to tell him. "Child, too, you know, I had a little trouble getting used to school, it's not easy at first."

Lætitia Moller with Dr. Françoise Delormas, Public Health Physician and Director of the National Association for the Promotion of Sleep Knowledge.

Mom's words

"At her entry to the nursery, 2 years, Lucille shifted for a few weeks. She fell asleep at the very beginning of lunch, around noon, and woke up when the other children started napping. I think it was a way for her to get special attention in the community. So, in the evening, she was about an hour and a half ahead of her usual pace. So we had dinner earlier. After a little over a month, she settled on the rhythm of the other children and ended up falling asleep at 8:30 pm, as before! " Marie, mother of Lucille, 3 years old.


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