He returns to the nursery

He returns to the nursery

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At the nursery, we adapt. And the adaptation will last a whole week. If we say "we", it's because this time is dedicated to both parents and children.

Clearly, everyone has the right and needs to adapt. The first day, we go there a little and every next day we stay a little longer. Better to plan to take some time off to be sufficiently available, ideally divided between dad and mom.

The first days, we stay with his child so that he gets used to the places and his reference. The referent is the person who will be at his side, in priority. As soon as your child adopts it, it's won. In general, she begins by giving him a bottle before your eyes. And then, at the end of the week, when your child is well acclimatized, you must be eclipsed. Take advantage of this week of adaptation to ask the questions that tease you. Finally, know that as a rule, everything happens for the better the following week.

Participate, communicate ...

The nursery is also a place where we communicate. Yes, you do not just drop off your child in the morning. Among the staff, besides the reference of your child, you have the possibility to speak with the director, the psychologist who passes regularly. And then, there is a book of transmission on which the referent notes the course of the days.

On your side, you can also communicate through it, note the progress of weekends for example: sleep, diet, diseases, small events that you think it is important to share.

Carole Renucci

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