Air humidifier: how to choose it?

Air humidifier: how to choose it?

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Install an air humidifier in your toddler's room to avoid colds and other respiratory infections, especially if your interior is overheated. Our advice for choosing it and our selection.

An air humidifier, what is it for?

  • This device fights the dryness of the air by improving the hygrometry thanks to the dispersion of a mist of water in the ambient air.

Which one to choose ?

  • A baby humidifier with cold steam (ultrasonic) is preferable. Always keep the device away from your child.
  • Some humidifiers allow the addition of essential oils, beneficial. But do not let the device run for more than 10 minutes and never in the presence of your baby.

What precautions for use?

  • Regularly change and clean the water in your humidifier's tank. Also think about descaling your device. Finally, do not forget to change the anti-lime cartridge about every six months.

Should we continue to ventilate?

  • The humidifier does not replace a daily ventilation of the whole house, about ten minutes, on average.