Happy Feet 2 and Big point and little point

Happy Feet 2 and Big point and little point

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Two films to discover with your toddler from 4 years or 2 years. One is at the North Pole and the other comes straight from Sweden. Quick, find out!

From 4 years: Happy Feet 2

  • Cape on the Antarctic with the return of this merry band of vitamin penguins. Little Mumble, king of taps in Happy Feet 1, became Erik's happy dad. But, heartbreaking, his son hates to dance. He prefers to fly like his model Sven Mighty. Mumble understands that he can not compete ... until the day when ...
  • We bet that Happy Feet 2 will be the family show not to miss our holidays, as the graphics are successful and rhythm removed.
  • By George Miller, Warner Bros. 1:39.
  • Where to find it?

From 2 years old: Gros-pois and Petit-Point

  • The first is covered with dots, while the other is dotted with dots. Six episodes in the company of these two zigotos with big peas, small dots and big ears, and "very happy like that"! They eat sweets, renovate their apartment ...
  • All the scenes of these tasty animation films are in volume, with a sense of detail that seduces very young children. A breath of fresh air coming from Sweden.
  • By Uzi and Lotta Geffenblad, Les Films du Préau, 43 min.

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