Shared custody: the advantages and disadvantages

Shared custody: the advantages and disadvantages

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Home care is expensive so why not share the cost with another family? This is advantageous and when the relationships are good, it helps to create bonds of friendship, sharing. Only downside: you have to agree before starting.

The principle of shared custody

  • The guard is alternately at the home of both families. Each pays the hours that the employee performs at her own home. It is essential to establish a contract of employment.

The benefits of shared custody

  • The children are in an environment they know, while adapting to the other house, every other week.
  • The fact for each child to be kept with a small companion promotes his socialization. That happiness in perspective, especially if the nanny is top!
  • The parents are reassured. They can go home earlier and see their children. When one of them is sick, he stays warm!
  • And then this system expands the family. Indeed, when the relationships are good, it creates bonds of friendship, sharing.
  • This is advantageous: the costs are divided by two.

The "minus" of this guard mode

  • If this solution is more and more adopted, it can only be considered under certain conditions. The two families must live close to the family of the little co-guarded, get along with it, without having to cope with it.
  • This system is a small collective. If specific rules are not put in place right from the start, you run straight to the clash. It is essential to agree on rhythms, cleanliness, food, sleep, outings, games, television. Small differences are possible, but the big difference, no! You will also have to resist the risks of comparison of the two children and stop the possible criticisms of the nanny on the other family.
  • Finally, the schedules, the holidays must be identical for all.

Mom's words on shared custody

"For the last three years, we have been sharing the same nanny with a couple of friends.At the end, she takes care of four children, sometimes at home, sometimes at home.The children get along well, she is adorable and does not favor anyone. Our motivations are the comfort of children who can stay warm on some days in the winter while sharing their games with others. " Louise, 36, Lou's mom, 7 months old, and Arthur, 3 1/2 years old.