Your child 3-5 years

And if it is not clean at the start of the school year?

Your child is going to school and is not completely clean ... You dread that she refuses your little schoolboy. What is it really ? Should one be clean to be admitted to school?

  • There is still a short time, the texts were without appeal: the child had to be clean the day of the return! Today, the texts are more vague (the last circular of 1992 no longer speaks of "cleanliness" but of "psychological maturation." The practice has eased, especially because of the reception of children at school as soon as possible. 2 years.
  • But accidents, so frequent in the first year, are tolerated. The teachers have all the capacities to understand it and to wait a little: "The return, it is so moving for a child that it loses its landmarks, what's more natural!"
  • However, you will be asked not to put diapers on your child. These are also prohibited in kindergarten.
  • On the other hand, if you are facing a small recidivist, it is more problematic. You may be asked to represent you at the beginning of the next school year, either after All Saints' Day, or to spend part-time to avoid a nap, a privileged moment for little uncontrolled pee.
  • At school, pee breaks are scheduled every hour or so. Emulation often occurs between "clean" children and those who are not yet. This helps to speed up the process among latecomers.
  • For the very young, half-time schooling is offered in the first months, to avoid the very sensitive moment of the nap. Everything must be done to secure the child and enhance his well-being.

And if you enjoy the summer!

The holidays are an opportunity to begin the training of children from 2 years, the climate is conducive to light clothing. Procedure in 5 points.

  • Once settled on your vacation spot, show him where the pot you will leave in the W-C is if they are easily accessible.
  • Offer him regularly during the day, especially after meals. If he refuses do not insist and start again later.
  • Stay with him the first time. Time will pass faster. Leave it between 5 and 10 minutes, no more.
  • In case of accident, do not scold him especially. He needs encouragement.
  • Since the weather is fine, leave it without a layer. He will not appreciate being wet and will come to realize that it is better to ask for the pot.

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