Pregnant, how to stop smoking?

It is known that smoking during pregnancy is not good for the baby's health. No need to feel guilty, it is better to act! Here are some methods that, with a good dose of will, can help you get rid of tobacco during your pregnancy, and even after ... Even if, of course, the miracle cure is still to invent!

Nicotine patches

  • Since 1997, the prescription of nicotine substitutes has been officially authorized for pregnant women whose addiction is strong. They exist in the form of patches of different dosages, chewing gums, pastilles to melt or suck.

  • How does it work? The patches spread nicotine, dosed according to the level of dependence of the smoker. It spreads in the body and, little by little, with the reduction of dosages the need to smoke decreases. In the first interview with the tobacco specialist, nicotine dependence is measured using the Fagerström test, a questionnaire that analyzes drinking habits.

  • But there is no question of playing the apprentice witch alone! Their use must be under medical supervision. Do you doubt their effectiveness? Studies show that this treatment doubles or even triples the chances of stopping during the first year. Well done, it reduces the symptoms of lack of nicotine that you may feel at first. This therapy consists of slowly diffusing nicotine. Only recommendation: do not keep a patch during the night.
  • Nicotine substitutes are effective in dealing with strong physical dependence on cigarettesbut they are not suitable for all cases.
  • For who ? For all those who can not do without their nicotine dose, patches help manage and reduce chemical dependence.
  • Social Security pays 150 € for nicotine patches for pregnant women, if they are prescribed on a prescription dedicated exclusively to these products. At the beginning of weaning, it is necessary to count at least one consultation per month, even every fortnight.
  • Where to go? There is a tobacco consultation in some maternity wards. Midwives, like doctors, can prescribe nicotine substitutes.
  • Other track:, to find a consultation of tabacologie.


  • How does it work? During the first appointment, the acupuncturist rebalances the vital energy circulating in the body, which reduces the desire to smoke. After an in-depth discussion of her relationship to smoking, each patient is treated according to her temperament. If she has an anxious profile, we put needles to lift the anxiety. To eliminate the feeling of lack, you need to stick with fine needles on the points of tobacco addiction: on the wrist, the ears and the nose.
  • For who ? The women volunteers, who made their decision firmly. Acupuncture helps them to strengthen their motivation.
  • Part of the sessions can be supported by Social Security. Count from one to three sessions.
  • Where to go? French Association of Midwives Acupuncturists:


  • How does it work? The hypnosis specialist deconditions his patient and installs mechanisms of substitution for tobacco. By suggestion, it associates, for example, tobacco and nausea and / or projects into a future without tobacco. She can learn self-hypnosis to manage the moments of lack.
  • For who ? We must want to stop and want to consolidate this desire. Success also depends on the ability to let go during sessions, to enter a modified state of consciousness.
  • A consultation at the hospital or with a midwife trained in hypnosis can be fully or partially reimbursed. A session can last three-quarters of an hour. One to five sessions are required.
  • Where to go? In your maternity home or on

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