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Listen to baby and baby monitor, what use?

Essential birth lists, the baby monitor, or baby monitor, allows parents to monitor their infant when they are not in the same room as him. Yes, but here it is: among the innumerable models sold in the trade, it is not always easy to find oneself there. Our advice and our top 5.

What's the point ?

  • A transmitter, a receiver: the operating principle of this small device is simple. It is enough to have, on one side, parents and, on the other, a baby. As a result, parents can hear, and sometimes even see, their little bit when alone in their little bed. But the baby monitor is not an essential accessory. Some parents use it only in special situations, such as when babies sleep upstairs, for example, or when they are invited to visit friends.

Which models to choose?

  • New parents are spoiled for choice. From the most classic model, with a simple audible alarm, to baby monitor with a light alert, there is something for every need, but also every budget. There are even multifunctional baby monitors that can be used as a night light, which indicate the temperature of the room or that can be used as a walkie-talkie so that Mom reassures her baby from a distance.
  • Nec plus ultra: the video baby monitor, which adds the picture to the sound! Some are even equipped with a motion detector and emit an alarm, when no movement is detected for more than 20 seconds. Of course, these little tech jewels have a cost. It takes between 85 and 200 € to benefit from all these options, against 30 to 80 € for a basic baby monitor.

Security rules

  • Detractors blame this type of device for emitting harmful electromagnetic waves for babies.
  • It is true that in this area, there are no real standards imposed to regulate the babyphone market. For regular use, even daily, it is recommended to choose a baby monitor emitting low frequency waves (up to 900 MHz) and not to position it within 1 meter of the bed, the recommended distance being 3 meters.
  • Also remember to turn off the modules when they are no longer used. Indeed, the immature brain of babies is likely to absorb more waves of this type than that of an adult.
  • To reduce the potentially harmful effects of these waves, some models are equipped with the VOX function, or automatic voice trigger, which allows parents to adjust the start of the transmitter from a certain volume sound, not permanently.

Our top 5 babyphones

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor

  • This listening-baby meets all the essential qualities: ultra-reliable connection, its limpid and night light to reassure baby. its DECT technology guarantees the total absence of iterference. Range: 50 m indoors and 300 m outdoors.
  • Its price: 69 €.
  • I BUY IT

Baby Care Simply Care Audio Babymoov

  • Ultra-simple, this low power babyphone will allow you to watch over baby safely. Range: 300 m.
  • Its price: 39 €.
  • I BUY IT

Listen to baby Baby Online Badabulle

  • This low-emission baby monitor can be activated with voice thanks to its VOX mode and also a night light. It works on battery or mains. Range: 300 m.
  • Its price: 47,91 €.
  • I BUY IT

HB24 HelloBaby Monitor

  • High-resolution digital camera and screen, infrared night vision, wireless technology, this high-end model also allows you to talk to baby and play music. Range: 300 m.
  • Its price: 78,99 €.
  • I BUY IT

Motorola MBP8 baby monitor

  • Very good value for money for this digital monitor equipped with DECT technology guaranteeing a complete abscess of interference from other devices. Wireless, it has an ultra-sensitive microphone that can catch the slightest sound of a baby and is equipped with a night light function. Range: 50 m.
  • Its price: 29 €.
  • I BUY IT

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