Your child 1-3 years

Solutions to sleep problems

Lost nipple, nap refusal, nightmares, going to sleep, refusing to sleep alone ... sleep problems are numerous in children. You wonder if it's normal and how to react. Read quickly the answers of our specialists and the tips of parents "who also lived it"!

"Every time he loses his pacifier during the night, our 1-year-old baby wakes up and calls us crying, do we have to get up?"

  • Your baby is in a sleep addiction: impossible for him to sleep without his pacifier. Only here, if you are there in the evening at bedtime to give it to him, you are no longer there at night during the microreveils that take place between the different cycles of sleep. Problem…
  • To solve it, you have to teach him to become independent of his pacifier. "It's yours, it's up to you to take care of it", can you tell him. The goal is that it acquires the reflex to recover all alone during the night. Make it easy for him by fixing the pacifier to his pajamas. The ideal course, of course, is to get your child to sleep without. That supposes some turbulent nights, the time that he learns to fall asleep while sucking his fingers or nothing at all!

Mom's advice

  • "To avoid having to get up at night, I put several nipples, five or six, in the bed of my little boy.He always managed to catch one!" (Muriel, mother of Maxime, 2 years)

"At the weekend, my 2-year-old son refuses to take a nap while he is doing it at the nursery.

  • At the weekend, a small child has more desire to enjoy his parents than to take a nap! So, if he is not grumpy all day and falls asleep easily in the evening, why force him to sleep?
  • At 2, he can not take a nap once or twice a week, it's not a drama. On the other hand, if he drags himself all day long and arrives at night in a state of excitement such that he can not fall asleep, you can impose it on him.

Mom's advice

  • "In order not to create a conflict, I give permission to Guy to take his toys to his bed for a nap.I do not force him to sleep, I only ask him to remain quiet for an hour ... It works! "(Marine, mother of Guy, 2 years old)

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