Parental leave: 10 truths to know

Parental leave: 10 truths to know

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Since 1 January 2015, parental leave has undergone a major reform. Which is not without creating a certain confusion in the parents mind, more accustomed to the old rules ... Unravel the true from the false thanks to this article!

1. The CLCA (Complement of Free Choice of Activity) no longer exists

  • True and false… Technically, the CLCA has given way to the PreParE (Shared Child Education Benefit) since 1 January 2015. However, you can still benefit from the CLCA if your child is born (or has arrived at your home as part of 'an adoption) before that date. PreParE therefore only concerns children born or adopted as from 1 January 2015 ...

2. The conditions of allocation have been modified

  • False. To benefit from the CLCA or PreParE, you must meet the general conditions to receive family benefits and have a dependent child under 3 years (or under 20 years in case of adoption). A condition of income is required if you are a VRP (Voyageur Representative Placier) or exercise part-time self-employed activity. If you are a full-time employee, you must justify 8 quarters of old-age contributions in the last 2 years (first child), last 4 years (2 children) or last 5 years (3 or more children).

3. Unemployment: You are entitled to paid parental leave

  • True, but you must have contributed 8 quarters in the 2 years preceding the leave for a first child (4 years for 2 children or 5 years if you have at least 3 dependent children).

4. The salaries of PreParE and CLCA are identical

  • True. For information purposes, from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017, compensation is € 390.92 per month in the event of a complete cessation of activity. In the case of part-time work, it is € 252.71 per month (working time less than or equal to 50%) or € 145.78 per month (working time between 50% and 80%).

5. Total cessation of activity: you can work to make ends meet

  • True, but the only activity allowed is that of maternal assistant ...

6. The duration of parental leave has been modified ...

  • True. For the CLCA, the duration of parental leave for a first child was a maximum of 6 months for a single parent. Now, with PreParE, both parents can each take 6 months of parental leave, giving a total duration of 1 year. If you have at least two children, each member of your couple can take a maximum of 24 months of leave within the 3rd birthday of your youngest child.

7. You can touch more on a shorter period

  • True. If you are still under the old regime, we are talking about Colca (optional supplement of free choice of activity). For the new diet, we talk about PreParE Majorée. To be entitled to one of his benefits, you must have at least 3 dependent children and be in total stoppage of work. Discover the amounts on the website

8. You have the right to accumulate the PreParE and the CMG (Complementary Free Choice of the Guard Mode)

  • True. If you work 80%, you can combine these two benefits in their entirety. On the other hand, if your working time is below 50%, the CMG will be divided by two.

9. Your employer can not refuse parental education leave

  • Trueas long as you have at least one year of seniority in the company before the date of birth of your child (or the adoption of a child under 16 years of age). You must inform your employer by mail, sent with acknowledgment of receipt or delivered by hand, one month before the end of your maternity leave.

10. Your employer can not send you back during parental leave

  • False. Being on parental leave is not a reason for dismissal but you may be fired for another reason.


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