How do you celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

How do you celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

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With glitter and party favors, or gathered around a good dinner ... tonight, you will certainly be waking up ... If it is customary in France to wait for the 12 strokes of midnight to kiss under the mistletoe, how do you celebrate? is our European neighbor changing the year? Short tour of Europe. (News of 31/12/13)

In Spain, watch out for 12 strokes of midnight!

  • When the first stroke of midnight comes, everyone starts to eat grapes. 12 in total! Be careful to swallow them! Because if one of them remains stuck in the throat, it is a bad omen. For example, a sixth grain that does not go well does not announce anything very good for the 6th month of the year, the month of June.
  • As in Italy and Portugal, it is recommended that Spaniards wear red and new underwear, symbols of love and prosperity, to start the year off.
  • In Spanish, happy new year is: feliz año nuevo!

In Portugal, we start the year sitting!

  • To put the most chances on their side and get a place of choice throughout the coming year, our Portuguese friends still manage to sit in a chair when midnight rings and can take the opportunity to throw a shoe in the air to make sure a happy year.
  • Very often red, their underwear can also be blue.
  • In Portuguese, happy new year is: feliz ano novo.

In Italy, we leave the year with fanfare!

  • Our transalpine neighbors are preparing to celebrate the new year by burying the previous one with a loud voice. From the afternoon of the 31st, rockets and firecrackers begin to slam in all the streets until midnight, when it is a question of making as much noise as possible.
  • It is customary to give women a red panties to wish them a busy year.
  • In Italian, happy new year is: buon anno.

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