How to hydrate well?

How to hydrate well?

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A capital beauty gesture is hydration! For results, it is important to hydrate both indoors and outdoors. Here is the antisoif program of your skin.

Why moisturize your skin?

Hydration is brought by the water deep layers of the skin and sweat. But some factors dehydrate your skin daily. To know :

  • Aging.
  • The tobacco.
  • Exposures to the sun.
  • A deficit of the barrier role of the skin which lets out too much water.
  • The cold, the hot, the wind.
  • Pollution.

Choose the right product

Whatever its nature, every skin needs a moisturizer at least once a day.

  • If your skin is dry: Pamper it with a rich and nourishing care based on shea butter or avocado.
  • If your skin is mixed or oily: put on a mattifying gel or a fluid cream
  • If your skin is normal: apply a light cream.

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