Easter chocolates: what's wrong?

Easter chocolates: what's wrong?

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What did the chocolatiers concoct in 2019 for Easter? This year again, there is inventiveness and gluttony in the program. Discover our selection quickly.

Karine Ancelet

Selection updated on March 25, 2019

Easter: all our info

Easter chocolates: what's wrong? (28 pictures)

Easter 2019: Easter bunnies

Pierre Marcolini offers this year a beautiful collection of rabbits out of their hat as if by magic ... Available in dark chocolate, milk or white, home-made beans Cameroonian and Ecuadorian. 9 € the rabbit 100 g. Where to find them?

Easter 2019: Masked Chick

The chocolatier Christophe Roussel offers in 2019 a lovely chick named Mask! A creation made with Bahiana® signature chocolate from Brazil (black with 67% cocoa and milk with 46% cocoa), chocolate dulcey and a touch of white chocolate (for the eyes). The belly of the chick is garnished with chocolate fry. 35 € the 265g. Where to find them?

Easter 2019: Chocolate Safari

This year, the chocolatier Nicolas Bernardé offers a chocolate safari! Basil Crocodile (dark chocolate), Rose Flamingo (milk chocolate), Gigi the Giraffe (milk chocolate), Gaspard the Cheetah (dark chocolate), Patrick Springbok (milk chocolate) will delight gourmets. Available from April 9th. 35 € the piece of 300 g approximately. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Chocolate Tour

Yves Thuriès gives appointment to gourmands with this creation montage of a chocolate scene. 49,90 € the 495 g. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Mother hen

There is a kind of logic this year in the shops A mother with this mother hen out of her henhouse with her 4 small. Available in "signature" milk chocolate 36% or "signature" dark chocolate 68%. The chicks are in ivory chocolate (Madagascar vanilla). 800 grams. 78 €. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Jungle Spirit

Head to the jungle and its treasures at Dalloyau, which offers this year in limited edition Croc Le Lion dessert, subtle alliance of crispy with grilled corn and creaminess with chocolate mousse (69 €) and a milk chocolate toucan (45 €). Available from March 29th. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: We come out of his shell

Original, we discover this gourmet shell at De Neuville! Its milk chocolate shell and pearl of white chocolate will delight your taste buds! It is accompanied by Easter fries in milk chocolate, white and black. € 15.90. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Oh, the beautiful cow!

Cap on the farm at Reauté Chocolat which offers this year animals all choco like this pretty cow country. The base is dark chocolate with almond chips. The head and body in milk chocolate, white chocolate decorations, black and red and yellow colored confectionery, made of cocoa butter and caramel confectionery nose. 14,90 € the 200 g. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Chocolate bonbonnière

Inside this Jadis and Gourmande candy box are praline and caramel eggs, white shells and three chocolate frites. 19,50 € the 250 g. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: At the school of gluttony

In this pretty metal pencil case from the Atelier du Chocolat, 3 praline-shaped Easter bites shaped like garden animals with a milk chocolate or black coating. € 11.50. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Are we breaking eggs?

In 2019, Comptoir de Mathilde offers this original Easter chocolate to break with a mallet. To share a playful and gourmet moment with your family ... 19,90 €. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Here the good eggs!

Good alpine milk chocolate eggs filled with confectioner's cream (50%) with milk. Milka. € 4.99. Where to find them?

Easter 2019: Jump sheep

Exclusively at Monoprix, Belfine offers a collection of 8 small 40g chocolate sheep dressed each with a different design on their T-shirt. € 2.99. At Monoprix.

Easter 2019: Happy fishing!

At Jeff de Bruges, you can go fishing with blue sardines and savor his spicy booty of milk chocolate, dark chocolate or dark chocolate Gianduja with Isigny caramel. 11,90 € the box of 140 g. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Magic Tree

At Jadis et Gourmande, we discover this dark chocolate egg 18 cm pure cocoa butter, 72% dark chocolate and 32% milk chocolate. Also available in milk chocolate version. € 69.50. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Rogue the hedgehog

An artisanal milk chocolate work for Easter at Michel Cluizel: € 11.75 the 30g hedgehog Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Pretty heart

At Pierre Marcolini, this lovely heart of milk chocolate contains 30 gourmet eggs. 49 €. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Dinosaur eggs

The Chocolate of the French offers this design metal egg illustrated by Marylou Faure containing 30 chocolate mini dinosaur eggs milk or hazelnut praline. 15 € the 250 g. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Gourmet Easter Figures

At Hugo & Victor, fish, rabbits and chickens wait for gourmands according to their desires: chocolate / strawberry or chocolate / passion. From 19 € the fish to 29 € the rabbit. Where to find them?

Easter 2019: Ready for the hunt for eggs?

The Jours Heureux shop offers this special "Egg Hunt" basket that includes all the Easter essentials. 19,90 € the 270 g. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Crazy rabbit with meringues

At François Doucet's, this large Easter bunny contains 200 g of multicolored meringues, meringue hearts coated with dark chocolate and a thin layer of white chocolate with multicolored nuances. € 18.80. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Pisces that are bubbling

Guardians of the Easter eggs, the fish of the Atelier du Chocolat watch over their loot of cuddly eggs, thin candy with milk chocolate. 12,95 € each. Where to find them?

Easter 2019: Easter bunny in its shell

At Les Fous de Terroir, a cute milk chocolate rabbit comes out of its burrow and shell to delight the gourmands. A recipe from master chocolatier S. Ferry. € 15.90. On sale from April 1st. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Gourmet Fish

This is Bubulle, a Lenôtre creation. Succumb to this little Easter fish that dresses in milk chocolate and caramelized hazelnuts. 18 € the 100 g. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Down the masks

The Chocolate House is heading to Africa this year and has a nice collection of cocoa egg masks. 29 € the model of 114 g. From the 28th of March. Where to find them?

Easter 2019: Colorful rabbits

Chef Cyril Lignac proposes for Easter 2019 limited edition milk chocolate rabbits, garnished with delicious dry fries and small praline eggs. 26 € the rabbit 200 g. Where to find it?

Easter 2019: Retro Bunny

Cémoi gives rendezvous to gourmands with a milk chocolate vichy rabbit topped with praline eggs. € 4.49 per bag of 175 g. In GMS.

Easter 2019: magical creatures

For the Easter holidays, Edwart Chocolatier takes us to the discovery of delicious chocolate creatures made of Pure Plantation chocolate from Tanzania (68% cocoa for dark chocolate and 38% cocoa for milk chocolate). : 39 € the big model and 19 € the small one. Only in shops. Where to find them?

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