Mushrooms: 8 tips for safe picking

Mushrooms: 8 tips for safe picking

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Every year, in autumn, mushrooms are at the rendezvous ... poisoning too! To help you see more clearly during your pickings, the Directorate General of Health reminds the rules of caution to respect before and after putting mushrooms in your basket.

  • 1) Pick up only the mushrooms you know perfectly: some very poisonous poisonous mushrooms look a lot like edible species.
  • 2) If there is any doubt about a harvested mushroom, do not consume it until you have it checked by a specialist in the field, for example your pharmacist.
  • 3) Pick only the mushrooms in good condition and take the whole mushroom (foot and hat) to allow identification in case of doubt.
  • 4) Separate the mushrooms harvested by species so as not to mix any mushroom fragments during the harvest.
  • 5) Do not pick mushrooms near polluted sites (road edges, industrial areas, landfills) as they concentrate pollutants.
  • 6) Put the mushrooms separately, in a crate or cardboard but never in a plastic bag because it speeds up the rotting.
  • 7) Wash your hands thoroughly after harvest.
  • 8) Keep the mushrooms in the refrigerator and eat them within two days after picking, after cooking them well.
  • 9) Eye disorders, dizziness, nausea, vomiting ... if any of these symptoms occur, call a poison control center or 15 immediately.

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