It's a real pot of glue

It's a real pot of glue

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It's crazy, he does not let go of a sole. This little pot of glue is certainly irresistible, but sometimes a little stuffy!

  • Every time you go away, it's the same scene. No sooner have you slipped your key into the lock than you hear your toddler leap behind the door, ready to jump on you. You're happy to find it, but you also dream of five minutes just for you, for example, to decompress after your day's work. How to react without rushing it?

Why so much love?

He comes to get in your arms what missed him the day: your unconditional love! It's a nice tribute. When he is older, he may not even deign to go out of his room!

  • Playing with your nanny or at the nurseryhe tested all his forces of autonomy, to discover for himself, play, listen ... In the evening, like you, he recharges his batteries and is less autonomous.
  • He feels fatigue winning him and take refuge in your arms to recover. He even allows himself to regress, to make the most of your tenderness.
  • If you have several children, the youngest needs to find a moment of exclusivity with you, he wishes to be the first to communicate his adventures of the day.

How to take the time to breathe?

  • Blow before returning. Try, as far as possible, to take a break before arriving home: during your travel time with a good book, by walking around the park, or by sitting a few minutes on the terrace before returning.
  • Pass the relay to the dad or the nanny as soon as you make him a big kiss, just the time to ask you.
  • Rest together. Find a way to relax together: lie on the bed for a hug or a story that will soothe you both.

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