10 baby-sitting evenings to win for the holidays

10 baby-sitting evenings to win for the holidays

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From November 3 to December 15, Family Sphere, leader of home childcare, offers Internet users a quiz to win a baby-sitting party for Christmas Eve. Make way for the party to start 2017!

  • 10 happy parents will have the chance to be reimbursed for the evening of baby-sitting of the eve!
  • The society Family Sphere invites Internet users to participate in a large competition on its Facebook page Family Sphere to earn bank transfers up to 150 €.
  • To participate, simply go to the Family Sphere Facebook page, like the page and choose one of the three nannies represented. If the selected nanny wears the Family Sphere logo, it's won!
  • Attention, you have until December 15 to try your luck!


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