10 reasons to want to become a baby again

10 reasons to want to become a baby again

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Who did not have one day want to return to childhood? We wondered why this period of life is a source of nostalgia ... and the reasons are numerous.

1. Napping is mandatory every afternoon, anywhere and no matter how

2. So that my parents cajole me at the slightest of my tears and cover me with kisses all day long

3. For me to always find the most beautiful ... whatever my outfit or haircut

4. To avoid having to complete all administrative tasks or having to pay all bills

5. To eat good dishes simmered with aaaamour from good fresh products selected with the utmost care

6. To have always clean laundry without having to wash it yourself, or even to iron it

7. To sleep peacefully in my stroller instead of having to walk for hours

8. To only have the problem of having to go to bed when asked

9. To never know about package problems

10. To enjoy all the school holidays and go on vacation with papi and granny who will rot-spoil me