Your baby 0-1 year

Maternal assistant: clearly define the points concerning the safety

Keeping your child safe, who can do it better than you? But when you are not there, you must delegate the responsibility of watching over the safety of the apple of your eye.

How to protect it from everyday dangers?

  • At first, rest assured, does not become a maternal assistant who wants. Far from being a minefield, the house of your assistant, to receive its approval, must meet certain safety standards.
  • Even if you do not doubt the vigilance of the maternal assistant, do not hesitate to go around his apartment to validate certain points concerning the safety of your child.
  • It is sure that the assistant knows it but, even if you repeat it, the 100% safe sleeping of your baby, it is on the back! A measure to prevent sudden infant death. Without blanket or pillow, but warm in a turbulet. You can also make sure that the mattress is well adapted to the size of the bed, that it does not adore a bedstead or a plethora of fluff ... The room should not be too heated, between 18 ° and 19 ° C so May your little angel sleep safely.
  • If there are stairs, check that they are well equipped at the top and bottom of the fall barriers. The stairs represent a real danger with which it is not necessary to joke. they are the main cause of accidents in children between 0 and 6 years old.

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