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DIY: the bird feeder

Brrr! It's cold outside ... and the birds are not at the party. What if you offered your children to make a homemade seed distributor? Easy with our video! Material: 1 bottle 1 cutter 2 wooden spoons Seeds for birds A funnel Sewing thread Scissors See the DIY video To discover:
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Family nursery: how does it work?

What is the operation of a family crèche? Who pays the nursery assistants? The video responses of our specialist, Catherine Bou, director of a family crèche. More videos on Realization: Notrefamille Montage: Notrefamille Realization: Notrefamille To discover:
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Your child 3-5 years

5 tips to promote concentration

Your child does not hold in place for more than five minutes and fails to maintain his attention the time of a story? Here are 5 tips to improve your concentration and at the same time promote your learning. 1) Regular sleep To be focused, your child's neurons must have time to "recharge".
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10 things you were not told about pregnancy

10 Things We Did not Tell You about Pregnancy You need to wear a T-shirt with a large print "No Touch" to repel the unwelcome Who decreed that it was a good chance to touch the belly of a pregnant woman? An ugly stepmother who wanted to take revenge on her stepdaughter, is that it?
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